Our Esteemed Partner

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The Company

Ginni Systems Ltd., India, is the company behind the product, web solutions and the brand. Having specialized in solutions for the retail sector our vision is to become the leader in retail supply chain solutions.

The Story

Ginesys started in 1999, has grown rapidly to keep pace with the retail industry in India and today boasts of more than 400customers nationally. Growth for our customers has meant going from a single store or site to 100+ stores and hundreds of users. Our user base in turn has grown to more than 6000 users.

Happy Customers

Simply put, our support and implementation are best-in-class. Support has been responsible for the fantastically low attrition rate in customers as we have a centralized support center in India with modern infrastructure. Ginesys implementation is quick as it is a product that is specialized for your business.

The Future

50 developers are working in our labs in Kolkata on creating top-notch solutions. They have transformed the product from being a single vertical solution to a multi-vertical, multi-channel and integrated solution. They are also busy slowly but surely transforming the web, site by site into a more beautiful, connected and dynamic place.

Sister Sailors

GSL is part of the Golden group, a knowledge-driven powerhouse. Along with Resurgent India Ltd, an investment banking, audit and consulting company, the group's purpose is to use knowledge as an advantage in the new economy. The group establishes linkages between core businesses of systems, operations, financing and branding for its clients . All its portfolio companies are sister sailors on the seas of knowledge.